In partnership with the Queensland Government’s Entrepreneurs Program, join us to learn how you can use the same tools as the big brands to take your products & services to a larger group of customers on a global scale.

Supporting leaders in these key areas of need

Generate awareness of our business

Demonstrate excellence and capablity

Strengthen relationships with existing prospects

Develop relationships with local partners

Generate high value leads

Build value with existing customers

The Digital Bootcamp will cover the 8 pillars of digital across 6 online modules


In this module, we cover off why digital is it the equaliser for small & medium-sized businesses and why it's about more than just marketing

Customer value

In this module, we gain a deeper understanding of your customer to ensure we build the right marketing and sales plan from your website through to social media and in-person sales pitches.


In this module, we will learn how building a robust digital brand ensures every customer touchpoint is consistent, builds value & results in doors opening


In this module, we will cover off how digital can impact efficiencies through automation and profitability through data analytics


In this module, we will cover off how to build digital partners networks and the importance of collaboration


In the final module, we will bring together all of the principals we have covered to understand marketing and sales activation now and post COVID19

What you get as part of the Digital Bootcamp

6 free hour long live Q&A style webinars over 2 weeks

6 worksheets to help you turn what you learn into action

New digital skills to ensure you embed those actions

One in person coaching sessions

Free resources for all bootcamp members

These free resources cover different sectors from B2B and professional services to e-commerce. Select the topic you would like to explore to gain help, and you will find videos, tips, tools and checklists. I will be updating these resources daily, so be sure to subscribe to the newsletter the be kept up to date.

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