Learn from your digital coach as Jane shares the proven techniques, tips and tools that have built online businesses

What our members have said about the Digital Bootcamp

“Thank you for the September bootcamp! It was so good to stop and listen and learn.”

Little Hurricane Co

“I’ve implemented some of the things that we’ve discussed for my business and I’ve had a lot more sales! “

Kimba Pham jewellery

“Such an AMAZING learning experience. Thank you!”

My Favourite Apron Company

“Having just watched a 1-hour presentation on a similar topic provided by some industry organisations to help small businesses, I am so glad I attended your Bootcamp. You deliver information in such a calm, accessible and genuine manner. Thank you.”

Helen Keogh

“I have just completed this boot camp and found it extremely useful and informative. It taught me which areas to focus on with my business and I’m excited to be able to now go ahead and put everything I’ve learnt into action! I’m inspired. Thanks so much”
Taylor and Co Homewares

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge & time. This is a great course for small businesses needing help in the digital world.”
Balls for Your Mind

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge & time. This is a great course for small businesses needing help in the digital world.”
Trim and Fluff Designs

“Thanks Jane, was such a fantastic opportunity. It was presented so well and clearly with really useful resources and I definitely feel on my journey now (with some awesome tools in my utility belt 🙂 I am so excited to be seeing positive results from what I have already started to implement!”
Jacstar Design Jewellery

“A fabulous boot camp, thanks so much Jane. Totally worth the time and money and now I have lots of ways to grow my digital story and community.”

The Quiet Lion Studio

“Thanks Jane was great to be part of this. So reassuring to be amongst others battling the same issues. It is quite overwhelming to move into this digital space especially with a product that’s part of a flooded category Resin Jewellery “. That said though you helped me and others to realise what it is that sets us apart. You gave us some awesome tools and knowledge to help break it down. Thank you all the way from Tropical North Queensland”

Asuom Designs

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This is how we do it across 6 modules share via live webinars and supported by online learning tools


What are the pieces of digital and what do they mean to your business.

Customer value

Who are your customers and how do you find them.


How to tell your creative story as a tool to build your brand and what makes you unique.


Building community to connect and engage your customer.


The technology that turns those customers into sales.


Bringing it all together to build sales in person and online.

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