Getting your unique story across via technology

Written by Jane Peacock

May 27, 2020

In this interview with Tiff Manuell, we discussed how technology facilitated a connection to form between Tiff and her customers.

Everyone has a unique story and that story enables businesses to connect to their audience through technology.


What is your story?

How are you able to connect your story with your #customers?

Technology is the enabler that connects the authentic story of businesses with their #customers.

I sat down with Tiff Manuell to discuss how technology facilitated a connection to form between Tiff and her #customers.

She narrated her journey of rediscovering her love for painting and how her passion and authenticity allowed her to connect with her market.

Instagram, which for her was initially a place where she could play and share highlights of her creativity, was the technology that linked her with an audience.

It was not marketing for her but a venue to communicate her passion. Her audience, which was impacted by her energy, responded to her message and grew organically.

They eventually became her #customers.

Honesty plays a significant role in storytelling. We at Partners in Digital believe that everyone has a story and that story enables businesses to connect through #technology.

She is her #brand, according to Tiff, and that resonated with her #customers. Buying her product is having a piece of her with them.

Tiff highlighted things people should consider when using #technology for business growth.

  1. It is a digital tool. It allows your brand’s uniqueness to shine. Stay playful.
  2. It is effective. #Customers can see the product unfolding and buy it.
  3. It strengthens connection. The relationship flows organically and brings in sales.

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