Do you know what sets you apart from competitors?

Written by Jane Peacock

May 20, 2020

In an interview with Darren Walls from Type and Pixel, our CEO, Jane Peacock, discussed the importance of brand.

Brand plays a huge part in building valuable digital connection. It serves as the the core, foundation and scaffolding, which helps shape #customer perception.


Do you know what sets you apart from competitors?

Or what resonates with your #customers, making them more connection & thus loyal to you?

We at Partners in Digital recognise the importance of #brand and how it keeps businesses relevant.

Brand rests in the mind of the consumer. It is the collective perception and association of your #customers about your business, product or service.

In my interview with Darren Walls, we tackled the importance of brand and how it serves as the core, foundation and scaffolding, which helps shape #customer perception.

Covid-19 has changed the way people work. Businesses need to adjust their messaging and campaigns in response as an opportunity to build great connection. As such, #brand is more important today than it ever has ever been.

Darren highlighted 3 steps that businesses can take to understand what #brand means for them as a business.

1. Understand the business value & competitive advantage
2. Understand the competitive landscape
3. Understand the needs, wants and motivations of the #customers

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