The power of brand as an investable asset – a founders perspective.

Written by Jane Peacock

April 10, 2020

Your brand is the external manifestation of your value and your values. Your brand is communicated through every touch point, interaction, conversation and experience. Do that with consistency and you build trust. Listen to the full interview to hear Lou’s perspective on the power of brand.


“Your community is your brand.”

In this interview, Lou shares her perspective on how we achieved success as a team.

how we moved the brand …

From uncertainty to certainty.

From intangible to tangible.

To seeing #brand is an investable asset.

It all started with.

❤️ Who we are
❤️ Who is holding our bag
❤️ What makes us unique
❤️ What are our brand rules
❤️ What are our lanes

“With COVID19, we are so thankful we did the work as our brand is the foundation of the business, & it is the reason we feel confident we will survive.”

The brand became tangible when we saw the impact. The impact was the community response. And that response led to sales.

100% growth was achieved on the foundations of customer & brand, which was activated through robust technology & a marketing plan that enabled the brand to build a meaningful connection.

Those foundations hold the brand steady.

By building on the human connection & the strength of that connection is an asset.

The connection drives the business forward.

It has altered the path of the business.

It is tangible.

It does drive revenue growth.

But it doesn’t start there.

That’s the challenge.

It starts with human connection.

Are you up for the challenge?

Lou’s recommended steps to take;

  1. Understand it will take time and you will need quality advice.
  2. Ensure you have someone who can keep you accountable as it takes daily commitment.
  3. Start from a deep understanding customer 
  4. Anchor everything you do in brand purpose and values (who we are, why we do what we do and how we act through our behaviours both internal and external)

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