How do you share your complete storybook of value?

I sat with Tami Roos and together we re-lived her journey of discovering her storybook of value. It is important to know your value and to communicate it to the people in need of that value as this will connect you with the right customers.


Why go hard when you can go easy?

I sat down with Tami and together we re-lived her journey of discovering her storybook of value through the Unlock + Amplify program.

“Easy is right” is a mantra Tami Roos lives by.

Why continue hitting your head on a brick wall, trying to persuade the wrong #customers, when it is easier to market with the right ones?

We believe in understanding your complete storybook of #value as this allows you to connect with your ideal customers, letting them see the complete story.

What began with the question of “What is your story?” by the beach, led Tami flying to Brisbane and filling three walls worth of content stored within her.

She stressed the significance of knowing your #value and communicating it to the people in need of that #value as this will connect you with the right #customers.

Tami shared her personal insights.

  1. There is no need to have all the answers right now.
  2. There is no need for everything to be perfect before beginning the next step.
  3. Reassess and re-evaluate yourself to see if you’re still aligned with your purpose. Either write everything down or find someone who can assess from an outsider’s perspective.

Follow Tami Roos to learn more about how to go through the process to pause, re-evaluate and align with purpose. Join Tami’s ‘Love your Mind’ program or purchase her book ‘Presence to Power’.

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