“How to coherently present my brand online across the platforms?”

Written by Jane Peacock

March 29, 2020

A brand is the manifestation of your value as a business and as a leader. And that value includes your offer and your brand values.


    • Be of service to the market. What can you do to assist with their pain now?
    • Be of service rather than offering a service. One is help the other is transactional. (this was your wonderful insight)
    • Share content as to how you are contributing – eg: What are you doing that is contributing
    • Make it consistent on all platforms and given you are in the professional services – get active on LI.
    • And do this all with consistency and consistency builds trust.
    • It’s a great time to clean out the rubbish. What is important and what is not. Do an audit to see what value you are currently sharing and what connects with a relevant need. List them in order of priority and focus on those that are high priority.

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