Consider this to be the rules of play or terms and conditions. For those of us who are offering service and those of us who seek to access it.


Keep it simple

We are offering a small piece of time to talk through challenges or perhaps build something at heavily reduced costs. So the focus is on simplicity.


Value focused

We are here to focus on the are we can have the biggest impact. We are here to help. But what you can do is give kudos, say thank you, tell the story. Its an exchange of value.



We leave it with the helpers and helpees to agree accountabilty and take no role in this. We are simply providing a directory.



ENQUIREWe take no responsibility as to the actions you take as a result of speaking with one of the helpers. This is your resonsability.


Take action

Anything we share must be focused on action. So focus your session on what is the one thing you can do to shift towards a more positive impact.


Be kind

We all need to opperate with kindness and this gensture is our show of kindness in a time when business is challenging.

Cobble Hill Consulting

Free – Initial 20min chat

Product Management and Digital Strategy

A 20 minute chat for people confused about where to now.

Innoopolis – The Innovation Factory

Free – Initial 30min advisory

Help businesses of all size to digitally transform and innovate

We can help companies rethink their business model and better leverage digital technologies. This starts by rethinking digital channels, customer relationship and your value proposition. We also provide trainings in digital transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship



Helping people stay socially connected

We’ve now set up Socially to help solve the looming effects of social isolation, build workplace cultural inclusion and reduce the potential of depression within remote teams. We know that social isolation can lead to a range of social, mental and physical health problems. So we’re keen that everyone has access to these events and classes as we plan for a potential global work-from-home situation.We’ll be running free virtual events and live streams for fun events such as Virtual Dog Shows, Virtual Dance Classes, Virtual Workouts and Virtual Yoga – plus much more!


It starts tonight and we’re holding a Virtual Bake Off (Rockyroad Cookies).

We’re holding a test run across Facebook in Brisbane/Sydney/Melbourne, Manila and also London. To find out more, register, get your ingredients and then get baking – please see :Register here . From founder Llew Jury 



Helping businesses and families through crisis

What can we do together right now? Announcing my idea.. a virtual coffee at the Human Connections Café ☕️ An informal get together with a Coaching Conversation vibe! I’m both a Leadership Coach and a Family Coach – so this is how I’d like to help Leaders, Partners and Parents. At our #HumanConnectionsCafe I’ll share some tips on managing yourself and others for improved Communication and Connection, and then we can chat, share wisdom and help each other. Everyone is welcome! Please share with your friends and contacts. Register here for the Zoom link, it’s FREE. From Jacqui Pollock – founder of Human Leadership. 

Boss brands


Boss brands heavily reduced websites from NYC

Anyone who is interested can take a look at some of our work at https://bossbrands.co and fill out the contact form to learn more.



Helping businesses with team and leadership

Coffee catch ups are a great way to connect and I believe face to face meetings need to continue. In these changing times my coffee catch ups have been moved online. I’ll bring my coffee and you are welcome to bring yours. We will still chat face to face and work through solutions for your organisation. I’m looking forward to our next hashtagcoffeecatchup! You can book a time with me via this link. From Georgia – founder of HENRY REED.

partners in digital


Working ways to move to business online

✋Help you navigate doing business in the online world ✋Help you strategise how to take clients & teams online ✋Help you work through challenges to find digital solutions ✋Help you understand how to build your brand ✋Help you develop your marketing plan to leverage your voice

Mind Your Ps

15 mins free consult + 50% discount off normal fees.

Working ways to move to business online

Assisting Business owners understand their HR / Staff entitlements and obligations and discuss options. How to manage remote teams in the short and long term. Keeping your performance up and your business culture alive.

Let’s Start Something new
Say Hello!

We love working with “YES” clients. They are the leaders and businesses who have a big hairy challenge, a courageous spirit and a purpose that is about something bigger than profit. Is that you?