We will work through an 8 step digital framework to elevate the marketing conversation to ensure your brand, your products and your messages are all aligned to your core value that connects with your customers in a more meaningful way that is measurable, accountable and scalable.


Your business discovery & health check

It all starts with a discovery 


Your digital & marketing audit

It all starts with a digital and marketing health check. We review our now status against your business goals. This helps us to determine where there is an opportunity for growth but also where we need to scale back areas as they cost your time, money or energy.


Your purpose & vision

Your people are the customers you wish to be of service to. So it can be your team, your charity, your customers or clients. Who are they and what do they need from you? What problem are you solving for them?


Your customer empathy map

This is the framework we will build together as a take away to then activate your value consistently through your activation blueprint. We take everything we do in our day together, and we build out the storybook of your value. The storybook that is unique to you. That moves beyond your job title and builds layers around who you are and the value you can bring to your market.


Your storybook of value

Your products are where we start to build out your value – using both new and existing – into products, services, tools and assets that connect with your market and enable you to commercialise your value. We will work together to build out a plan to start developing new products or re-package existing products in a more meaningful way.


Your products & services

Every product needs its own process. Some might call it a customer journey, but I help you to build out the layers to that journey so that each step your customer takes enables your customer to access your value (you) and also be stepped through the process seamlessly (tech.)


Your strategic framework

We don’t stop there as many clients need to build out their digital products, tools and assets. We work together to build an ecosystem of partners you can then work with to activate your value. Our day together is all about action!


Your partner model

We then take your new brand and value and work with you to build out the initial marketing plan. You gain tips and tricks to help you develop the rhythm and pulse to your unique story book of value. 

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The discovery

Access to a discovery portal that enables you to start unpacking your value both existing and new.

1 full day workshop

A full day with everything supplied. I get you in the room so that you can learn the tools to build out your activation blueprint.

12 month activation blueprint

You get access to a blueprint which will give you 12 months of activity mapped out. The blueprint includes 5 additional templates for you to use to continue to build your value.

Marketing framework

Access to a marketing framework to help you start building your brand thus building your market.

Digital tools

Additional digital tools that you can use to continue your learning. 

Coaching & advice

2 x one on one coaching calls to ensure you get the answers to your questions.


I work with some exceptional clients. For me, “YES” clients are the individual leaders that have a mountain of value, a big challenge and an even bigger purpose.

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We love working with “YES” clients. They are the leaders who have a big hairy challenge, a courageous spirit and a purpose that is about something bigger than profit. Is that you?