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Take the mystery out of what ‘going digital’ means for your business.


Find out how digital can drive business growth – without blowing your budget! Discover the three key Disablers to Digital Success and how to avoid them.


Join our free webinar where we share our secrets to The Art of Going Digital. Let me tell you a bit about what to expect…

The questions we get asked …

“Do I really need digital? My business is about people.”


“Is content actually valuable to my business?”


“Should I be taking SEM skills in house?”


“Why is marketing costing me so much money?”


“Should I be spending $50K on SEO each year?”


“Does my Marketing Manager have the right skills?”


Why is digital it important?

We all hear the scary numbers about the failure rate of digital transformation projects. MIT reported 84% of digital transformation initiatives fail. Yet those that do succeed in gaining digital maturity reap the rewards as reported by Forrester.







A few of the problems we address …



It should be impossible to go digital without first considering the business problem or need. But that‘s the critical step that most businesses miss when they jump straight to the tactical. They dive in, without strategically considering what the company needs to achieve in the next month, quarter and year. We help you set the goals and enable effective measurement and reporting –, so you can focus on what delivers the most significant return for your business.


Not valuing the customers whose interest you already have by jumping to the tactical action of pushing more messages out through marketing is a costly exercise but it’s a mistake that many businesses make. We start first by understanding those who are already in your ecosystem and engaged with the brand now. There is a sea of opportunity waiting for you without needing to invest another cent in marketing. We help you to uncover real value.



When things aren’t going right, it normal to look for someone, or something, to blame. But blame happens when you don’t understand the real problem, and the opportunites for your business. Perhaps there’s friction in your process that makes it hard for your customers to engage? Perhaps you have a product that customers don’t want in its current form (but with a small tweak would re-excite existing customers)? We help businesses discover new opportunities, by iterating products that increase your customer’s lifetime value.

Why join us?

Future-proof your business!


Joining the digital age is no longer a business choice. It’s a must. Partners in Digital bring 20+ years of experience in digital sales, marketing & business transformations to our work with CEOs, boards and senior management. We help you identify opportunities that will support your business goals and become a seamless part of your business plan.

The free webinar 

3 Key Disablers of Digital Transformation… and how to avoid them!

March 15, 22 and 29

In this 60-minute webinar you will see how valuable digital transformation is for your business, and learn the 3 top mistakes…and how to avoid them. The webinar will be recorded so even if you can’t make the time, we will send you a link to watch in your own time.

50 Seats


Join our webinar at 12noon AEDT via ZOOM. Grab your lunch and see your digital future. 

Get your DIY marketing health check… and learn why it’s a fundamental step!

Date to be confirmed

Have you ever wondered about the role of marketing in your business? Do you find yourself questioning the value of the work your agency does? We show you how to work out those answers, so you can make sure your marketing is on the right track – and not a waste of time or money.

A 1 hour long workshop delivered online to a small group of participants aimed at giving you the tools to start measuring marketing success.

50 Seats


Join our webinar at 11am AEDT via ZOOM. Grab your lunch and see your digital future. 

Presented by…

Jane Peacock

Jane Peacock

Digital Fear Slayer

There is a misconception that digital is a job for office juniors. But founder of Partners in Digital, Jane Peacock, was part of the tech transformation in its infancy, seeing how it could benefit business long before the term ‘digital native’ was coined.

So, with a background in advertising, marketing and sales, Jane brings her clients insights that go beyond the theory and latest social media buzzword. Because her digital know-how is earthed in the real world of business. Everything she does has a purpose – and that is to help your business grow.

Jane starts you on your digital transformation with an intensive, top-down look at the gaps and opportunities in your business. Then she then puts herself in the customer’s shoes – as all good marketers do –  to make sure she clearly understands that perspective, too.

What you get is practical, informed strategies and advice to create digital pathways and messages that speak to customers, then lead them to your business, service or product.

And Jane does this all collaboratively – inspiring and setting your own staff members on the journey to ensure your digital transformation is championed internally and remains sustainable and profitable in the future.  

What people say…

Jane brings something special to the table – she thinks big, is creative and yet breaks it down into manageable bite sized pieces for delivery. Go for it, you won’t regret working with Jane. Your business will thank you for it!

Mel Comerford

Director, Astute Early Years Specialists

Jane’s approach and insights have been invaluable to our business. Jane’s collaborative approach helped us to understand the value of personal brand within the wider context of our professional brand at Firinn. Being a boutique corporate advisory firm ‘people buy people’, so this element of our business was crucial. We found Jane quickly helped us unpack the fundamentals of our business (which was an enlightening process of its own), challenged us as part of the process, and left us with good clarity and tools to enable us to amplify our branding through smart digital marketing content. She is a master of digital strategy and a valuable asset to any business contemplating how to truly leverage digital strategies for better business outcomes. In our case, Jane helped us to quickly turn marketing into a key business growth enabler – a game changer.

Leigh Tyson

Managing Partner/ Founder, Firinn

Jane has great vision and can see further down the digital highway than most. She takes the time to understand the customer, the problem, the opportunity and time and time again, finds a way forward which is achievable yet always groundbreaking. Working with Jane gives the entire team confidence. Her enthusiasm and positivity is grounded in reality, expertise and experience.This lifts the team toward higher performance and better outcomes. She has a talent for taking complex problems and turning them into simple solution designs which creates a real target which all the team can visualise and strive for. If you are looking for a inspirational creative leader who deeply understands digital and strives for innovation and positive disruption, stop looking, you found her.

Mark Hannan

Chief Digital Officer, Goodstart Early Learning

Jane ‘gets’ what small business needs from a marketing consultant. This was our third attempt to use outside support to take control of our marketing and we were sceptical. However, Jane’s ROI first approach, fantastic work ethic and ability to tolerate marketing Luddites succeeded in providing us with a clear marketing strategy and the sustainable execution plan to support it. Jane was willing jump into the trenches with us and do the hard work needed to ensure the processes to drive our marketing were embedded and supported. After 3 months, the training wheels are off and we are peddling across the quadrangle with confidence. Thanks Jane!

Stuart Burckhardt

Director/ owner, AssetOn

We grow businesses through the art of going digital.