Learn the techniques, tips and tools that have grown Businesses online. The Bootcamp is for anyone who wants to learn about going digital and operating a business successfully online. A comprehensive program that covers everything from understanding what makes you unique and the customers who will value you to the marketing and technology that will grow your business.

“I have just completed this Bootcamp and found it extremely useful and informative. It taught me which areas to focus on with my business, and I am excited to be able to go ahead now and put everything I have learnt into practice. Thank you so much!”

Taylor and Co Homewares

“Thanks, Jane, was such a fantastic opportunity. It was presented well and clearly with useful resources, and I definitely feel on my journey now (with some awesome tools in my toolbelt) I am so excited to be seeing positive results from what I have already started to implement!”

Jacstar Designs

“Having just watched a 1-hour presentation on a similar topic provided by some industry organisations to help small businesses, I am so glad I attended your Bootcamp. You deliver information in such a calm, accessible and genuine manner. Thank you.” 

Helen Keogh

“Such an AMAZING learning experience. Thank you!”  My favourite apron company








Supporting business owners
What you will achieve
What makes you different.
Who your customers are.
Find those people.
Learn how to sell to them.
Now that you have found them, how to keep them.
You’ve made the sale, now what?
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Dates don’t suit?

This is how we do it!


What are the pieces of digital and what do they mean to your business.

Customer value

Who are your customers and how do you find them.


How to tell your creative story as a tool to build your brand and what makes you unique.


Building community to connect and engage your customer.


The technology that turns those customers into sales.


Bringing it all together to build sales in person and online.

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